Painting Stars

If you follow these tips then painting stars will be as easy and fun. You could quite possibly never spill a drop using these techniques.

3D Stars

The 3D star gets its name from the cone shape that is left when you apply it. Typical methods have you using a stencil brush to paint flat circles on the ceiling. If you have paint thick enough like the GlowInc’s water based formula then you can literally squeeze the star onto the ceiling.

What you'll need

  • Water based paint from Kosmic Kreations.
  • Medical Syringes. (Free at most pharmacy's)
  • Elmer’s glue bottle. (The one with the round applicator and not a slit.)

How to use the Syringe

  • Using the syringe without a needle suck up some paint.
  • Ok for the small stars. Squeeze out a small bead, not enough to run down the side of the syringe, it should look like a little bead. Now place the bead to the ceiling. Squeeze out a little more and pull away. You should end up with a cone shape between 1/8" and 1/4" in size.
  • For the larger stars start by creating a small star then create another small star almost at the edge of the first one. Squeeze out some more and give a little swirl. You should end up merging both stars together and creating a lager cone shape.




Here's a syringe before and after squeezing the correct amount ready for application.



Here's an image of the correct cone shape for the large and small stars. Note I'm using one of my stencils here to position the stars.

How to use the Elmer’s Glue Bottle

  • Dump the contents of the bottle in the trash and wash out well with warm soapy water.
  • Using a syringe fill the bottle.
  • Twist open the cap and gently squeeze the bottle until you see the paint start to emerge.
  • Now keeping a fairly constant pressure dab the bottle to the ceiling and pull away. You should be left with a tiny cone.

Now as the paint dries the cones will shrink somewhat. The tiny cones applied with the Elmer’s glue bottle will dry flat. The larger cones, depending on the amount of paint you apply will dry to small bumps or even remain as cones. In both cases it’s still practically impossible to see them during the day.


Kosmic Kreations asks that you please test our paint or powder for suitability for your intended use before large scale application. While all our paints and powders are non toxic they are not FDA approved for use on skin, hair or in any cosmetic product. So please, please do not intentionally apply these products to the body or hair.

We are not responsible for the outcomes of your projects or any undesired effects that may occur from the use of our products.