Guide to Painting Star Murals

Yes this is the same guide that I sell on this site. So if you’re happy with using a web browser to read it then feel free to browse on. If you’d like access to the guide in a PDF format then you can purchase the downloadable version here.


Tools of the Trade

Room Design

Creating Stencils

Mixing Your Own Paint

Painting on Colored Surfaces

Room Preparation

Painting Stars

Special Effects

(Available in the download only)

  • Preparing Paint
    • Choosing the correct medium
    • Mixing the paint
  • Sponging
    • Example of using a large sponge
    • Example of using a small sponge
  • Nail Brush
    • Sweeping and twisting
    • Flicking
  • Pouncing
  • Stippling


Doing it as a Business

(Available in the download only)

  • Starting Small
  • Advertising
  • Pricing


Kosmic Kreations asks that you please test our paint or powder for suitability for your intended use before large scale application. While all our paints and powders are non toxic they are not FDA approved for use on skin, hair or in any cosmetic product. So please, please do not intentionally apply these products to the body or hair.

We are not responsible for the outcomes of your projects or any undesired effects that may occur from the use of our products.