About My Work

First I have no one to thank for the glorious PhotoShop effort here because...these are real unedited or color corrected photo's. It's true that a photo does not do the work justice, they are that much better in real life. However, why would you ever choose someone who can only show you posters or retouched pictures. Anyone who says you cannot photograph these rooms is plain outright lying. I'm no expert with a camera, however I do have a digital SLR with which I can take these pictures in complete darkness. As I get better at photography I'll retake these pictures.

Most of the photos were taken using a 10-20 second exposure using a F4.5 - F7.1 setting. If there's a photography expert who can email me some hints on taking better photos then please do so.

Another thing to point out is that the camera is so much better at seeing color in the dark. On their own in quarter sized patches you can see a difference in color. However, as stars grouped together it is very hard to discern a difference with the naked eye. The camera on the other hand picks out the color with no problems. Also the stars in some of the images look rather large. This is due to it being practically impossible to focus the camera accurately. They are much smaller in reality.

The Pictures

This is the first star mural I ever did. The only change I made to this room after taking the photo was to add in the background stars. Either way my daughter loves it. This is probably a good expectation for a DIY enthusiast looking to do only one room. I remember laying on the floor for an hour just looking up at it thinking "dude".

Star Mural Kai 1 Star Mural Kai 2

This star mural I designed using GIMP. I then laid out a grid on the ceiling and then transferred the design before painting. This saved me a lot of time and enabled me to get an idea exactly what the room was going to look like before painting my first glow in the dark star.

 Night Sky Star Mural Star Mural Nebulas

I used stencils for the major constellations in this star mural. Every star was individually placed, including all the background stars.

Here’s a shot from the hallway. The walls are red due to the long exposure.

Star Mural

Notice the galaxy effect at the other side of the room. This was created using over 300 individually placed stars.

Star Mural  Star Mural Galaxy

A Cosmic Wonderland Star Mural

The middle picture was taken under UV lighting.

Star Mural Cust 1 A Before Star Mural Cust 1 A UV Star Mural Cust 1 A After Dark


Another angle of the same room.

Star Mural Cust 1 B Before Star Mural Cust 1 B After Dark

Cosmic Wonderland Star Mural with 3 colors: Super Green, Super Aqua and Super Sky Blue.

Star Mural Hills Star Mural Hills

Halloween Skeleton Glow in the Dark Gloves

Glow in the dark gloves Day Glow in the dark gloves Dark

Glow in the Dark T-shirt Art

T-shirt-day Glow in the Dark T-shirt-dark

Close up in daylight then under UV light.

Skull-day Glow in the Dark Skull-UV

Close up in the dark.



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