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Star Mural Glow in the dak paint

Glow in the Dark Paints and Powders

We started out using the glow in the dark paints from our competitors and finally moved on to purchasing their powders. There was always some problem: The color wasn’t bright enough; It doesn’t glow long enough; When mixed with a water based medium the paint goes bad; and why are the products so expensive?

Kosmic Kreations has been there before so our customers don’t have to. We know what makes a good glow in the dark powder and so we got a manufacturer to create a custom set of strontium aluminate powders that met our demanding specifications that provide the brightest glow and glow duration available.

Kosmic Kreations provides a full range of non-toxic water based acrylic paints and water safe powders. Also as a company dedicated to customer satisfaction Kosmic Kreations makes these products available to you at up to 50% the price of our competitors.

Star Mural Resources

I have many resources to help in creating great star murals. From  phosphorescent paints and powders through guides and constellations stencils to astronomically correct constellation maps, I have it all. I’d even sell you the ladder if the postal service was free.

Constellation Templates

All 88 constellation templates created to scale using Stellarium. Find your favorite constellations or birth sign that you need. No need to search the web any more I’ve done all the hard work for you.

Star Mural Constellation Stencils

Astronomically Correct Constellation Maps

So you want to know where to place the constellations? Well I’ve done that research for you too and have created a set of astronomically correct maps to assist you in placing your stencils or freehand painting of constellations.


Constellation Stencils

As with the templates I can manufacture all 88 constellations using 4 mil Mylar. These templates are huge! Forget using letter sized stencils from other places. When you’re laying in your bed you want to be able to see the constellations and not get a telescope out. These are the largest constellation stencils available anywhere.

Star Mural Constellation Stencils

Star Mural Guides and Kits

Kosmic Kreations has a a variety of kits to suit different needs. From the simple but elegant 7 in Heaven kit all the way up to the Big Frick’n Kit there’s something for everyone. We can also custom tailor kits to your specific needs.

Star Mural Kit glow in the dark paint


Application and Uses

Phosphorescent pigments and paints can be used for a wide variety of applications. Our water based paints are safe and non toxic and are ideal for arts and crafts for both kids and adults. Powders can be used to formulate your own paints or can be added to other materials such as glass, candle wax, epoxy etc.

Star Mural glow in the dark paint 

Kosmic Kreations asks that you please test our paint or powder for suitability for your intended use before large scale application. While all our paints and powders are non toxic they are not FDA approved for use on skin, hair or in any cosmetic product. So please, please do not intentionally apply these products to the body or hair.

We are not responsible for the outcomes of your projects or any undesired effects that may occur from the use of our products.